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The Annual Work Summary and the 2024 Work Plan Conference of Nabis Chemistry Group

Date: 2024-02-05
【SUMMARY】 On January 27-28, 2024, the annual work summary and the 2024 work plan conference of Nabis Chemistry Group were successfully held.

On January 27-28, 2024, the annual work summary and the 2024 work plan conference of Nabis Chemistry Group were successfully held. The conference was chaired by the chairman of the group , with the participation of representatives of the group's shareholders, all staff from the group headquarters, senior managers from various subsidiaries and third-level companies. The two-day conference was divided into two parts: work reports and group discussions. The conference objectively analyzed the risks and opportunities faced by the industries involved in the group, comprehensively reviewed the gains and losses of the group's work in 2023, outlined the strategic implementation path for 2024, and clarified the goals and directions for the group's strategic transformation and upgrade.

The conference highlighted that in 2023, the group's asset structure transformed from an investment-oriented enterprise group with a focus on heavy assets and engineering construction to an industrial enterprise group emphasizing heavy assets, talents, technology, and resources. The management type shifted from a single operational control to a diversified control model incorporating financial, strategic, and operational aspects. Throughout the year, the group focused on annual task goals, accelerated industrial infrastructure construction, balanced development and risk control, and synchronized optimization and innovation. Existing assets were further consolidated, and incremental projects achieved certain breakthroughs.

The conference emphasized that due to the ongoing industrial upgrade and transformation of the group, combined with financial pressure caused by market and objective environmental factors, some weaknesses and loopholes in operational management, such as weak risk resistance in existing industries, shortage or mismatch of professional talents, low emphasis on informatization, and lack of initiative and innovation enthusiasm among employees, still exist widely in various subsidiaries.

The conference proposed that in 2024, the group should continue the key tasks of 2023, strengthen the industrial foundation, continuously improve corporate governance, actively innovate management methods, strive to change business thinking, plug bleeding points in a timely manner, continuously enhance hematopoietic function, fully implement the guiding ideology of the group's board for 2024, and comprehensively improve the group's governance and operational capabilities.

In the group discussion session, each company based on the subsidiaries, conducted extensive discussions around existing problems, solutions, work plans for 2024, and work strategies and implementation paths for achieving the 2024 task goals. This resulted in a specific and clear execution plan. The group's board provided a comprehensive evaluation of the work ideas in each segment and put forward specific requirements.

The unwavering determination persists through the long journey, and the original aspirations remain unchanged despite the distance traveled. Each period at the end of winter signifies the blossoming of spring.The conference urged the group to adhere to the principle that survival and development are the top priorities, firmly follow the operational thinking of "doing well with existing assets and optimizing incremental development," objectively recognize its own competitive advantages and shortcomings, focus on strengths, avoid weaknesses, and step by step, fulfill various tasks assigned by the group's board, paint a new picture comprehensively, strengthen new momentum, reshape new advantages, and jointly compose a new chapter in the high-quality development of the group!

(Opening speech by Deng Jun, Executive Vice President of the Group, and presentation of the "Group's 2023 Annual Work Summary and 2024 Annual Work Plan Report")

(Group Investment Director explained the "Construction and Usage Instructions for Nabis Chemistry Group's 3+5 Industrial Digitalization System" to the conference)

(Group Research Institute Deputy General Manager shared the "2024 China Private Enterprises Operating Environment and Nabis Chemical Industry Situation Report" with the conference)

 (Group Financial Management Headquarters General Manager shared the "Group's 2023 Financial Work Summary and 2024 Financial Work Plan Report" to the conference)

 (Heads of various subsidiary companies reported on the 2023 work summary and the 2024 work plan to the conference)