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Company Profile


Sichuan Nabis Silicon Based materials technology Co.,Ltd

      Sichuan nabis silicon-based materials technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Dechang yetop metal materials Co., Ltd.) is located in the Dechang centralized development zone (also known as "Sichuan Dechang Characteristic Industrial Park") of the "national Panxi strategic resources innovation and Development Experimental Zone" in Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province. It is an industrial silicon production enterprise with the largest scale, the most advanced production and environmental protection equipment, the highest qualified rate of product quality and the most famous brand in the market in the Liangshan region. It has won the honorary titles of "Liangshan advanced unit with outstanding contributions to foreign exchange earnings through export" and "Sichuan contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise".


      Nabis has a registered capital of 312.5 million yuan, covers an area of 262 acres, and currently has 142 acres of spare land for new projects. Nabis has built a 4km 110KVA double circuit transmission line and substation on the same tower. Four industrial silicon submerged arc furnaces were put into operation in 2013 and 2016. Nabis is mainly engaged in 421#、521#series high-purity industrial silicon, with an annual production capacity of 30000 tons.

      Nabis has formulated a complete and scientific comprehensive development strategy for the capacity, industrial chain and market competition mode of silicon-based materials, established the first "silicon-based materials research institute" in Southwest China, and has two pioneering silicon material production technologies, namely "short process metallurgy technology and DC metallurgy technology". Using these two technologies, relying on the existing 30000-ton industrial silicon plant, and actively making full use of the four advantages of Liangshan Prefecture, such as "hydropower resources, photovoltaic resources, silicon ore resources and Chlor alkali resources", the "nabis silicon-based materials Industrial Park" (Park in Park) in Sichuan Liangshan Prefecture will be built in the Sichuan Dechang characteristic industrial park with a total investment of RMB 13.85 billion in the next five years, Focus on promoting the three major project investments of "100000 tons of industrial silicon, 100000 tons of polycrystalline silicon, 400000 tons of organosilicon monomer and derivative products", and build Sichuan "Liangshan Silicon Valley" in the core area of China's "national Panxi strategic resources innovation and development pilot zone". After the project is put into operation, nabis's sales revenue will reach 16.8 billion yuan, and its net profit will reach 1.98 billion yuan.

      In the future, nabis will also build "nabis overseas silicon-based materials Industrial Park" in North Africa and South America, which are rich in resources, high energy consumption and relatively loose environmental control, and focus on the development of "silicon carbide semiconductor materials and new silicone materials" in Guangdong Dawan district and Chengdu Tianfu New Area, where China's microelectronic chip and electronic industries are concentrated. According to nabis's development plan, nabis's comprehensive production capacity, sales scale and profitability will successively enter the top 8 and top 3 in China's silicon industry and grow into a well-known listed company in the world's material industry.

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